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An ad is an ad only when it adds something to the product and to the mind of the one who witnesses it.

Our team consists of chosen people who are constantly dedicated in planning, creating and visioning advertisements and advertising campaigns. Unlike other digital ad agencies, we don't simply make ideas and execute them. Instead, we deliver things with a 'WOW' factor!
Our skillfulness in advertising includes Digital Ads, Print Ads, Posters, Banners & Hoardings, Product Presentations, Ad Films & Corporate Films, Feature Film & Short Films, E-Commerce & E-Brochures, Multimedia CD/DVDs and much more.

In the ever changing technology slavery world, there has to be something that can sustain its uniqueness without any fail. We believe that the sole motive and soul of a design lies in creating a connection with the audience at the very the first site. Crafted with elegance, our designers can stun you with classiness in their designs. From Logos, Business Cards and Brochures to appealing Graphic Designs, we come up with visual ideas that are simple, yet, powerful.

Web Development includes a wide range of activities. However, it mainly consists of Web Designing and Web Content Development.

Be it an individual or a firm, Web Dinkan can weave the web for you. We believe that a well developed and substantially managed website can contribute a lot to its reputation. Keeping this point in mind, we weave the web; and that, without compromising on your requirements.


There is only a limited time for a website to catch the eye of a visitant. A clumsy and poorly designed website will obviously make him close the tab. The only way to make him stay on the page is by having a well designed website. Worry not. Web Dinkan can be your web's architect. Classiness is our primal point while designing a website and our foremost priority lies in delivering the outcome on time.


We host your website and make it accessible via World Wide Web, popularly known as www. The services provided are in a hassle free environment and the servers we offer are highly stable so that they provide 100% uptime. Our fully-fledged customer support team can assist you without any lag.


The process includes getting a unique domain name from a domain registrar and registering it as the name of your website. To be more precise, it's that part which comes right after WWW. Along with this, the domain name you own will also be used after the '@' symbol in your email addresses that are a part of your website. Yes, it is your name; it is with this domain name that you're going to be noted in the Internet world.

Therefore, it is very much important to have a memorable and unique domain name for your website. It should connect with the product you sell or with the business you run. These factors are mainly taken into consideration while doing SEO.


Designing a dynamic webpage requires specialized skill and knowledge and we certainly hold the key to it. Dynamic websites are those websites where the user himself can update the data whenever there is a need. Realizing the significance of such websites in the present web world, the team at Web Dinkan designs them as the best of all. The expertise uses various scripting languages to furnish them.


Static Websites are those that don't usually need an update for a period of time. This is the main reason for which there is still a demand for them by the majority.


Keep it simple is the motive of Small, Micro and Flash Websites. These types of websites are simple to navigate and user friendly in designs. As the whole idea is to keep it simple, the processes of designing these types of websites usually take a short span of time. Though the designing process don't consume much time, we don't fail to deliver the pages with utmost perfection and professionalism.

Small and Micro sites are usually termed as an individual web page. While the former is static, Micro sites are dynamic in nature. It can also comprise a cluster of pages. They include links to various other pages, application forms etc. From the administrative point of view, these types of websites are easy to maintain. In addition, while doing SEO, micro sites are easier to work with. Without making things go complicated, the web team at Web Dinkan can design them for you.

Flash websites gained popularity only a decade back. Conveying important as well as powerful visuals along with messages is the key point of Flash oriented websites. If a flash website is designed poorly, it can result in a complete failure thus making the whole idea to be a disastrous one. So in order to strike a chord, the design needs to be clear and distinguishing. The Web development team of Web Dinkan design flash websites in such a way that it can hit straight to the point, informative and takes no time to load.


So you have a website which you think is outdated in terms of design and content? No worries. All you need is to sit, type down a mail stating all your requirements and hit the 'Shoot It!' button. Web Dinkan will take care of the rest.


Digital Illustrations and customized caricatures always stand a class apart. And when you make it happen through us, we make it sure that you get delivered the best amongst all. Be it your own caricature or a character like the one we have for our brand, collaborate with us to make it happen.


"A day without your mobile." Upon reading this simple thought itself, you might have realized how hard it'll be. It's because, and only because, the future of this digital era lies in mobiles. With more and more people getting to use mobile phones, it's high time for you to think about developing a Mobile App developed for your business/service.

Know what? Web Dinkan does it for you. While user friendliness is the trademark of our designs, we also endeavor to develop them as simple and easy to navigate as possible.